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Do   you   wanna   know   who   MOCHA   is???

Born and raised in Chapel Hill North Carolina, now living in Hillsborough North Carolina with my husband. Mocha is a 6'1" 29 year old, black Lady Leo(Nice Kitty). Working for the local cable company with a degree in Mircocomputer Systems Technology. The best place to find Mocha is hanging with her closest friends in Black Planet known there as Mocha-Kisses. Mocha's other hangouts are with my peeps in the Personal K African American Chatroom. And at Black Voices Where love, friendship, romance, drama and heartbreak take place.

Fav. Food: Moo Shu Chicken

Fav. Colors: Purple and Black

Fav. Music: Slow Jams Compliments of "The Quiet Storm"

Ambitions: To find my dream job and to live comfortably. To make some of my dreams come true. Live my life to the fullest never losing contact with those closest to my heart.

Do You Know Mocha Yet??

Mrs. Mocha
Hillsborough, North Carolina
United States

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